Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mind Mapping: What is it? by MindProject

The amount of information the human brain can store throughout a life time is unquantifiable, yet its intricate machinery is able to find the exact place for each concept, image and word, and interrelate each other brilliantly.

However, this does not take place in the same way on all human beings, for the information we receive is processed by either one brain hemisphere or the other, depending on whether they are numbers, codes, linear schemes, or concepts, daydreams, colors. Normally, each person develops one hemisphere more than the other, and neurons are to blame for this, for they are the receptors of the information we receive from the outside - through the eye - and responsible for transmitting said information throughout our brain.

Mind Mapping, graphical technique developed by London’s Tony Buzan, tries to improve this cerebral dialog, stimulating the neural connection through the development of the cortical skills from both the left and right brain hemispheres.

Next, we delve into this technique, and provide a spontaneous Mind Map exercise as a practical example. The objective is to enable us to efficiently manage the information we store in our brains and to be able to leverage it to accomplish both our personal as well as professional goals.

This was originally posted by MindProject in Spanish and I took the liberty to translate it into English (under their permission).

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