Monday, March 12, 2012

The Great Therapist, on dreams...

"No‐one can waken from a dream the world is dreaming FOR him. He becomes a part of someone ELSE’s dream. He CANNOT choose to waken from a dream he did not make. Helpless he stands, a victim to a dream conceived and cherished by a SEPARATE mind. Careless indeed of him this mind must be, as thoughtless of his peace and happiness as is the weather, or the time of day. It loves him not, but casts him as it will, in any role that satisfies its dream.
So little is his worth that he is but a dancing shadow, leaping up and down, according to a senseless plot conceived within the idle dreaming of the world. This is the ONLY picture you can see, the ONE alternative that you can choose, the OTHER possibility of cause, if you be NOT the dreamer of your dreams. And this IS what you choose, if you deny the cause of suffering is in YOUR mind. Be glad indeed it is, for thus are YOU the ONE decider of your destiny in time. The choice IS yours to make between a sleeping death and dreams of evil, or a happy wakening and joy of life."

JC tells us that what we think is our reality is not only a dream we dream, but a dream were we think we are in someone else's dream, and thus without control over it.
We are "here" to wake up, and help others wake up and escape the dream of fear. And the way we can help others escape from fear (or guilt) is by escaping ourselves. Our dreams of fear are the result of our sick minds. We need to heal our minds and our minds are healed through the attainment of peace. Peace and happiness are the same, and peace is attained by love. But love we can not understand. So we forgive, which is the closest thing to love on earth. By forgiving we free our brothers of the guilt for the things we think they did to us but they did not, and thus we free ourselves from our own sense of guilt and turn our dreams of fear into happy dreams, before we are ready to wake up.